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Winter has finally come! Although winter technically began on December 22nd, until January 20th we’d had only a few sporadic days of rain and cold here in the Bay Area. Now, a month later, we are in the thick of our first winter storm. Everyone is very appreciative of the rain. Some even packed up their cars and drove up to the Sierras to enjoy the fresh snow! Here in Marin County, January is normally our biggest month of rainfall, with December coming in close second. Hopefully this will not be true this winter season, as we need much more rainfall to keep our lakes and streams at a healthy level. Here at the Novato Oaks Inn we are keeping our fingers crossed for at least a couple of months of steady rain, because this past week our landscaping project was completed! We are very excited to debut our new exterior look and hope for more rain to keep our plants blossoming! We know that rain can be a bit frustrating, especially when trying to find activities to fill your day. Below are some things to do in Marin County on a rainy day. Have a great week!

Bowling! Located across the street from Celia’s in San Rafael, Country Club Bowl is a great place to take the family or spend the afternoon with friends

Make it a movie day at Northgate in San Rafael

And while you’re there, browse the mall as well